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I participate at Supervision on 02. Mai 2021
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active - presenting videos
CHF 240.- / € 220.- / $ 270.-

passive - spectator
CHF 120.- / € 110.- / $ 135.-

Attendance at the dinner
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This form will be sent to the organizing committee :
D. Dällenbach, Untertor 22, 8401 Winterthur
Pierre-Alain Emmenegger, Sulgeneckstrasse 38 3007 Bern
Lothar Matter, Bahnhofstrasse 6 3006 Thun

get more information by phone : ++41+52 2131961 or by email: doris.daellenbach(at)
from our training manager : D. Dällenbach, Untertor 22, 8401 Winterthur

costs 3 days training
CHF 900.- € 830.- ($ 1010.-) including training lunch/pauses
CHF 600.- / € 550.- ($ 675.-) for medical & psychology students in person and online participants.
CHF 400.- / € 370.- ($ 450.-) Students participating online

Costs Supervision :
active participation (video presentation)
CHF 240.- / € 220.- / $ 270.-
passive participation (spectator status)
CHF 120.- / € 110.- / $ 135.-

We can not accept credit cards.

Trainingfee  is to be payed at least one week before the training starts
to be authorized by access code, that you will get by email.

in favor of :
ISTDP Schweiz Sulgeneckstrasse 38 3007 Bern

Institut : UBS Switzerland AG
Adresse : Postfach CH-8098 Zürich
IBAN: CH0700 231231 1345 3701C

purpose of payment : Allan Abbass 21  name of the trainer

General Terms and Conditions (GTCs) of ISTDP SWITZERLAND for our training courses.
  1. All registrations received by mail, e-mail or electronically (submit registration) are binding and reserve the training place.
  2. The training fee is due 7 days before the start of the training at the latest, except for cash payment. If the registration is cancelled up to 1 week before the start of the FB, a handling fee of SFR 150.- is due. After that, the full amount is owed.
  3. We can not accept creditcards.
  4. The training will take place from 6 participants. If there are not enough participants, the paid fee will be refunded.
  5. Participation in the training is voluntary. Each participant is responsible for him/herself. This applies to all actions inside and outside the event.
  6. The training offer or the training has no claim to psychotherapy and can not replace such. Participation is on the participant's own responsibility and requires normal mental resilience.
  7. The training management reserves the right to cancel, postpone or change the event dates in case of emergency. Likewise, the training management reserves the right to cancel the participation of a participant for given reasons.
  8. The venue may differ from the specified event space if necessary.
  9. Deviating verbal agreements require a written record.
  10. With my YES to the GTC's I agree to strictly observe professional confidentiality and not to give any information about the patients treated in this course outside the circle of participants.
  11. I agree not to make any electronic recordings of patient conversations during the course sessions.
  12. The place of jurisdiction is Bern.


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