Upcoming trainings

18 Mar 2022

27th Basic course 2022

18. March 2022 bis 19. March 2022
Hotel Astoria Olten
Introduction to the technique of IS-TDP The basic course gives on the one hand, on the basis of therapy videos, a first insight into the metapsychology and technique of the method and is on the other hand also suitable for a deeper examination of the therapeutic work with Intensive Dynamic Brief Psy
29 Apr 2022

Training in IS-TDP with MD. Allan Abbass 2022

29. April 2022 bis 01. May 2022
Punkt.Null Bern
In this treatment format we evaluate the anxiety discharge pathways, regulate anxiety as needed and assist the patient to achieve a breakthrough where possible to underlying complex feelings that are creating the crisis. In this three day course we will review a series of patients who presented in a