In Switzerland and in Europe, there are various continuing training programmes which are supported by the professional associations of the respective countries. In addition to their national programmes, they also organise symposia, immersion courses or the European Metapsychology Course with Dr. H. Davanloo himself.

The Swiss Institute for Intensive Dynamic Short Psychotherapy, consisting of different centers in Switzerland, is responsible for organising further training courses in Switzerland. The German Centre organises presentations and the following training courses:

basic courses

The main features of metapsychology, treatment techniques and psychopathology are presented and illustrated by means of video presentations. This course is suitable to get to know the Intensive Dynamic Short Psychotherapy and serves as preparation for further training programs. There is at least 1 course per year.

Further information on the current courses can be found here -> ongoing training courses

Continuing education courses and Swiss seminar days

There are theory and supervision courses as well as the Swiss seminar days.

Theory evenings deepen the knowledge with the help of video demonstrations.

Supervision takes place individually or in small groups on the basis of video recordings. Direct supervision has proven to be particularly efficient, in which the supervisor follows the interview on the screen in the adjoining room and either advises the therapist during breaks or, in the case of live monitoring supervision (LMS), can make suggestions to the therapist for supporting therapeutic interventions directly during the session via a screen.

Get further information on current courses and trainings can be found at -> ongoing training courses

Courses offered at the Decentralized Courses

The WBV is responsible for the regional continuing education programme for specialists in psychiatry and psychotherapy.Association for Further Education in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy - Zurich, Central, Northern and Eastern Switzerland (WBV)

Decentralized courses take place 1x per semester on three afternoons, each from 14.00 - 17.30 pm. The locations also vary depending on the courses on offer. 4 hours are tested per further education afternoon.

Only assistant doctors in continuing education can register.
For the decentralized courses you have to register via this WEBPAGE !

Trainers & Centers

Most of the trainers have been trained by Prof. Davanloo for many years. They are Swiss specialists in psychiatry and psychotherapy with the title FMH as well as psychologists with a university degree and special training in psychotherapy.