On-site training in IS-TDP with MD. Allan Abbass 2022

Apr 29
29. April 2022
01. May 2022
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3 days training
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In this treatment format we evaluate the anxiety discharge pathways, regulate anxiety as needed and assist the patient to achieve a breakthrough where possible to underlying complex feelings that are creating the crisis. In this three day course we will review a series of patients who presented in a crisis session to review the assessment and treatment procedures of this method and its utility with diverse populations of patients.

  • a moderately highly resistant patient presents with depersonalization and derealization with suicidal thoughts ahead of a major unlocking. This case was treated many years ago and will allow discussion of learning processes over time.
  • a man with low anxiety tolerance and chronic somatic symptoms, presents with depletion and hopelessness after making some gains ahead of a significant breakthrough.
  • a patient with chronic major depression regressive defenses and substance dependence, presents with a major upsurge in symptoms after stopping substance abuse.
  • a patient with borderline personality presents with a dissociative episode with some acting out after having a week of positive regard for herself.  All these cases will have video with English subtitles.

There’ll also be three cases that will be supervised during this three day course. Looking forward to seeing you there.

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*** 15.0 Points - SGPP, SAPPM, FSP und SGAIM AtelierPsy&Psy