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English Articles and Papers
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Swiss Fragile Handout 2021.pdf ISTDP for Fragile Character Structure 2021 Swiss Immersion in ISTDP Allan Abbass 2021 27
Handout_TreatmentofDepression.pdf Treating Depression by Jon Frederickson, MSW What can a therapist do? 2021 12
Self Supervision in ISTDP.pdf Self-Supervision for Therapists By Jon Frederickson, MSW It’s great if you have a supervisor available but sometimes there is a case you need help on before supervision. And sometimes you don’t have a supervisor. So, what’s a therapist to do? 2020 34
Deutsche Artikel und Dokumente
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HandoutFB GV_Zuerich_151119.pdf Vortrag Lothar Matter GIK GV 2019 Einführung in ISTDP anhand von Videobeispielen 2019 68