Davanloo teaching in Pfäfers 1986
30 Apr., 2024

I got to know Doctor Davanloo and his way of working with the patients at a symposium in Montreal in 1984. This experience has profoundly changed my professional life as well as positively influenced my private life. And thousands of colleagues made the same experience as me.

Doctor Davanloo has given a new metapsychology to human neurosis and its therapy. For example he has detected, developed and demonstrated…

…     a systematic understanding of the degree, the complexity and the destructive consequences of the defenses in human life.

…     an instrument to assess the levels of anxiety triggered by life or by our interventions.

…     that the therapeutic process is conducted by the Unconscious Therapeutic Alliance between the healthy core of the patient and the therapist.

…     that the crystallization of the defenses in the transference is "the glory of the process". And he has given us the key to overcome it to unlock the conflictual feelings towards the early caregivers.

…     that exclusively the inner experience of early rage, love and consecutive guilt towards our parents helps us to find an inner peace with them, to let our suffering behind us and to reduce to a minimum the gap between what we do and what we could do.

Doctor Davanloo has dedicated his long professional life to let therapists and patients benefit to a maximum from his discoveries. To promote IS-TDP in Europe he has countless times crossed the Atlantic Ocean. And in 1984 he has helped us found the Swiss Society for IS-TDP under the lead of Joseph Auslaender.

After decades of training by Doctor Davanloo, after organizing many courses and symposia featured by him and after several blocs of personal therapy with him I say goodbye to him in sadness and deepest gratitude.

Rudolf Bleuler, M.D.

Former President of the Swiss Society for IS-TDP                                 rudolf@bleuler.com




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Was ist der Unterschied zwischen Angst und Wut im somatic pathway

Allan Abbass

Wut ist nicht nur Spannung in den gestreiften Muskeln. Die Zunahme komplexer Gefühle baut Spannung in der quergestreiften Muskeln auf, die im Allgemeinen vom oberen Teil des Körpers (Nacken bis zu den Händen) nach unten fortschreitent. Der somatische Pfad der Wut steigt durch die Spannung auf und verdrängt sie auf jeder Ebene und ersetzt sie durch Energie, Hitze und gewalttätige Impulse. Der Tonus der Muskeln ist also vorhanden. Die Muskeln sind aktiviert, sind nicht gehemmt, sondern können sich frei mit der warmer Energie bewegen.

Allan Abbass MD

unbewusste Schuldgefühle wegen der Wut

sind der zentrale Auslöser für Somatisierung und andere selbstzerstörerische Prozesse. Helfen Sie daher Ihren Patienten, jegliche Wut gegenüber geliebten Menschen oder anderen in der Vergangenheit zu erkennen und Schuldgefühle zu entwickeln.

Allan Abbass